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The Hobart Horticultural Society encourages gardeners to grow flowers and produce of all kinds and exhibit at local shows.  The purpose of exhibiting plants is to promote cooperation and friendly competition leading to improvement in the quality and range of our local product.  The Society holds 3 flower shows each year - 2 in Spring and 1 in Autumn. 







Rose, Iris & Floral Art Show - 4 & 5 November 2017
Dahlia & Floral Art Show - 9 & 10 March 2018

Venue: Hobart Town Hall50 Macquarie Street, Hobart   (opposite the GPO)

Times: 1 - 6pm (Friday) , 10am - 4.30pm (Saturday)

Admission is free


Rose, Iris & Floral Art Show

4 & 5 November 2017





 The magnificent Hobart Town Hall will celebrate with hundreds of flowers on display.

Come and celebrate the flower show, immerse yourself in natures beautiful colours and perfumes. Browse through the plant stalls & enjoy a “cuppa” provided by the Rotary Club of Salamanca.









  (The photos featured on this page are from our most recent show. )


Entries from non-members are welcome, and there is no charge to exhibit. Apart from the specific flowers of the show, there are sections for other cut flowers, fruit and vegetables, and pot plants.  

The Society is keen to encourage participation by the wider community, especially the younger generation.  There are now classes for flowers they have grown at home or school and they can also have a go at the interesting creative classes in their own age group of the Junior Floral Art Sections –  come-on kids, let us see what you can do with bits & pieces of flowers, fruit or vegs.All junior exhibitors receive a small prize.

Anyone can  enter - YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO EXHIBIT – just contact HHS
6247 8226 for further details and/or click on links, for a copy of the schedule.

We would love to have your entry! 




 As well as a magnificent display of flowers,  the beautiful Hobart Town Hall Ball Room with it’s Crystal Chandeliers is a sight by itself.  

There are also well-stocked stalls.  Daffodil bulbs and iris rhizomes are sold at the Dahlia Show;   and dahlia tubers, chrysanthemums and iris rhizomes at the Rose & Iris Show. 

There is always a good selection of other plants, flowers and gardening sundries for sale at each show.  It is also sometimes possible to place orders for many of the flowers on display at our shows. 

Floral Art is a feature at each show – with a variety of  creative designs small and large.  

Local experts and enthusiasts attend each of the three shows and are keen to discuss their particular interests

and give free advice to all about growing and exhibiting the wide range of flowers and plants to be seen at the Show.  Talks and/or short demonstrations are sometimes given on the Saturday.

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The Committee of the Hobart Horticultural Society cordially invites any interested persons to become members and join them in learning more about producing and exhibiting

the quality plants that can be grown in Tasmania.  

Members receive four news journals each year containing helpful information; results of the previous show; dates of other shows and horticultural events around Tasmania

and much more of interest to gardeners and flower-lovers.  Schedules for the spring shows are sent out in July/August and for the autumn shows in February.

 Annual Subscription: $10.00


For more information contact:


Helen Lindsay (Hon Secretary) 
PO BOX 379

Margate 7054

Ph:  0439 672 331

email: hobhortsociety@tasblooms.com

Or  J Bennett  ph: 6244 3825




M Crowe (President)

Phone:  6247 8226

Email:  kevincrowe@bigpond.com





Dahlia Section: 
Meets - 1st Monday of month (no meeting May, June, July) at
Glenorchy Library

Contact: C Dwyer - Ph: 03 – 6229 1563 or email: chris@dwyercons.com.au


General Gardening Section: 
Meets monthly with informal meetings, workshops, garden visits etc.
Dates & times vary and an annual calendar of events is available.

Contact: M Crowe Ph: 03 – 6247 8226

Email: kevincrowe@bigpond.com

Floral Art Section: 
Meets – 1st Thursday afternoon of February, April, June, August & October 


Contact: N Gordon

Ph: 03 - 6244 1271



Chrysanthemum Section:

 Meets - 2nd Wednesday of month at Rose Bay

Contact: D McKercher Ph: 03 - 6243 8362 or email: denismck@bigpond.net.au

Iris Section:
Meets - 3rd Wednesday of even months at Moonah

Contact: Ilona Jacobson
or look up:  www.tasblooms.com/irissection




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Records  show that a horticultural society existed in Hobart as early as the mid 1830’s.   Although there is little information available about the society’s activities in the early years, it is known that seeds and cuttings were brought from England and given to the early settlers.  It is also known to have been closely linked to the Royal Botanical Gardens. 

An extract from the Hobart Town Courier on 8 November 1839 reported on a meeting of the Horticultural Society and advised that the first Exhibition of the Society would take place at Pavilion Point on the same day as the ensuing Regatta (3 December 1839).  All persons were invited to exhibit flowers, fruits and vegetables but prizes would only be awarded to subscribers. 

The present Hobart Horticultural Society can be traced back to those early days through the continuous operation of a society, albeit under various names, such as Gardeners and Amateurs Horticultural Society, Hobart Town, and the Hobart Town Horticultural Society in the early to mid 1800s; the Hobart Amateurs, Gardeners and Cottagers' Horticultural Society around the 1880s and the Amateur Horticultural Society of Hobart in 1900. 

The word "Amateur" was deleted in 1936 and the Society became known as the Hobart Horticultural Society.  It has been known by this title ever since, with the addition of "Inc." when the Society became incorporated in 1989. 

Today the Society comprises five sections - Dahlia, Chrysanthemum, Iris, General Gardening and Floral Art.   Each section has regular meetings and encourages members to grow and exhibit their blooms. All members of the Society are welcome to attend these meetings 

The Society holds three flower shows each year at the Hobart Town Hall, as part of the City of Hobart Floral Shows. The shows are for Dahlias Gladioli & Floral Art in March, Daffodils Camellias & Floral Art in September and Roses Irises & Floral Art in November.          


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You can also Visit us on:
HobHortSociety on Youtube

Hobart Horticultural Society on Facebook

The Gardens Open web site lists gardens that are open around Australia

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The News Journal is published four times a year in spring, summer, autumn & winter . Show schedules are published in August (spring shows) and February (autumn shows)

A  publication by The Hobart Horticultural Society "Legends of the Flowers" by Mem and Joyce Tagg was launched in September 1998 at the Daffodil and Camellia Show.  Copies sold out quickly and a second and third printing was necessary. This publication is now sold out.


This page was last updated on July 2017    It is published by the Hobart Horticultural Society.

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